Chatbot creator

It could very well be that bot creators today are dealing with problems that other entrepreneurs can already help them solve or at least deal with them more easily. To this end, I decided to gather a short list of bot developing tools which my colleagues and I have got a chance to explore, ranging from NLP solutions to bot builders, analytics and more, which are already available and can serve you. The list is divided according to categories some tools may appear under more than 1 category and includes a short explanation about each tool and a link for further information.

1910 model t

Today: - Maybe the most significant car of all time, the Model T almost single-handedly changed the culture of worldwide industry during its near year production run of over 15 million vehicles. Prior to the T, cars were considered toys for the wealthy with few exceptions, and most were crude and unreliable. The Ford T was simple, affordable, sturdy, durable, and easily repaired.